Daisy and Diana

Well, it was time to let Daisy go.  We are preparing to head home in a few months and we are working on selling off our possessions (once again) to make this major transition.  Our little 1969 Volks was our first casualty.  Daisy (named by the kids because of the 99 daisy stickers stuck to her that I did NOT put there), was a good little car.  She was our first venture at independence and freedom in Addis.  We loved her!  She wasn’t particularly reliable or comfortable, but she was easy to fix and we just opted to never take her out of town.  Daisy is one part of our Ethiopian journey that we will NEVER forget. 🙂  She is now residing with some other missionaries and they promptly removed all but one of her trademark daisies.  Here is a photo of the kids saying goodbye.


And Diana.  Posting about Diana is SO long overdue, but I cannot mention Daisy without also talking about Diana.  I met Diana about two weeks after moving to Addis through a facebook group where people share the goings on of Addis with one another.  Diana has the gift of helps.  She is also incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful.  I don’t think there’s anything Diana cannot do.  Diana is a single woman who has lived in Addis for 6 years and has really figured out how to do life here.  Our adjustment to Addis and how quickly we found our footing is really due to Diana’s friendship with me.  She helped me figure out how to keep a house here, how to cook here, how to get around and helped me to make friends very quickly.  Diana is full of resources and information.  She has explored more of this city than I could ever hope to and she can tell me how to get just about anywhere with directions I can totally follow.  She has tried to make just about everything imaginable that you cannot buy here from car parts, to batteries, to wonderful food items.  Really, I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do.  She puts her mind to it, does some research (when the internet is working) and then gives it a try–whatever the task.  Diana convinced us to buy our Daisy when we were having trouble finding a car worth our missions $ and going stir crazy from the lack of independence.  When Daisy stalled out, Diana sucked on the fuel line on a busy street in Addis with a crowd of Ethiopians gathered at the spectacle to get the fuel flowing into the fuel pump again.  I really can’t even mention all the ways Diana has helped us during our time in Ethiopia, but I can state that we would not have had the same experience here had it not been for Diana and I truly believe it would have been MUCH more difficult.  Diana has become a fast friend and I can’t imagine doing life without her now!  She has been SUCH a blessing to me and to my family and we, in turn, have been able to be a blessing to other families and in helping get them settled here.  If you are lucky enough to have a different “Diana” in your life, you are blessed.  If you are lucky enough to know “my” Diana, you are doubly blessed!



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