A Flat Tire Made My Day (& Updates)

So, today was the boys’ first day of school.  I had planned to go with them, I always go with them.  But, I am teaching a class and the way the materials lined up, I felt like I needed to be with the class.  So, I sent the boys off with Chris this morning after taking a few quick photos.  Chris headed out to go pick up a couple of other kids.  I locked up the house and headed to the Bug.  Totally flat tire.  I just smiled, called Chris and told him to stop back by the house to get me on the way to the school.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been happy about a flat tire before.  I even know how to change a tire, but the good jack was with Chris in the van and I was going to be late no matter what, so I figured I might as well just embrace it and go with the boys.  Chris picked me up, we took the kids to their school–they’ve had a 2 month break–and before I could even get out of the car, they had disappeared!  When we found them, Gavin was all situated in his class and reported that he had gotten Reily to his class, too.  Once we found Reily, I was glad I was there.  He wasn’t quite as settled as Gavin, but it didn’t take long.  I got to my class (I have a co-teacher that covered for me) eventually and wrapped it up.  It was a good morning and that flat tire made my day.  I suppose it helps that there’s a fix-it place around the corner and it only costs 50 cents for the repair.

We finally got the boys’ report cards from last year.  They both did great and had lots of complimentary remarks from their teachers.  Seems neither really excels at sports, but this doesn’t shock me as we’re not exactly an athletic family.  Where the boys excel is where Chris and I excelled in school.  Where they struggle is where we struggled, as well.  I wonder what Kayla will do well in.  I wonder what has been passed down to her, genetically, that won’t be overtaken by her upbringing.  I know that my love of two very different subjects was handed down to me–one by my birth mother and one by my birth father.  It will be interesting to watch the mystery of Kayla unfold as she begins school next year.  Especially since I’m considering homeschooling her for the first year…God help us all!

Tadesse is still visiting for English lessons.  Yesterday, he brought me his school report from grade 8.  He was so proud.  The report stated that the average score was 44%.  He received 59.2%.  He passed…he was proud.  I told him I would continue to help him and tutor him this coming school year.  I just have to believe that God has a reason for bringing us together and a plan for Tadesse’s life.  He is a great kid!  He brought each of us a picture he had drawn to celebrate the upcoming New Year (our Sept. 11 is their “January” 1, 2006).  I enjoy working with Tadesse and we are mostly able to communicate.  He helps me with my Amharic a little, too.

Oh!  While Tadesse was here, I asked for an update on his mom.  She is all better.  Her leg is completely fine!  Chris’ visits, prescribed treatment & prayer all had a hand, I’m convinced.  Thanks for your prayers for that situation.  Here’s one scenario where we have been blessed to be a blessing.

Unfortunately, my computer had major troubles yesterday.  I downloaded a recommended program and there was something unsafe to the copy of it I found that downloaded with it.  Something like 80% of my files just vanished.  There is another missionary couple here from WI, with a different organization, that lives in our neighborhood.  I knew the husband was good with computers.  We called, he agreed to take a look (well, his wife agreed for him).  A few hours later, like 90% of my files were back.  What’s gone is stuff I didn’t need or stuff I can easily replace.  All my pictures are back…and now being backed up.  Almost all my files are back–at least the crucial ones.  I’m not sure where you go to get a computer fixed in Ethiopia, so knowing this man is a HUGE blessing.  I hope to never need his skills again, but he saved me this time.  Oddly, I wasn’t really worried.  Seems this lifestyle has taught me that you can live without an awful lot.

That’s about it from the Meehan five.  Life is always an adventure here.  We don’t have time to get bored.  We love living life this way.



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