This is Tadesse.


Tadesse lives down the street.  We have crossed paths many times.  He is 14 years old.  When the idea to teach English to kids in my neighborhood popped into my head, I first thought of Tadesse as my connection to the other kids in the neighborhood.  His English is decent.  My Amharic is coming along.  We communicate pretty well together.  I prayed for encounters to happen that would lead to a conversation about my teaching English to other kids.  God provided.

Last week, Chris helped Tadesse’s mom with a medical concern.  We purchased her some meds and visited her home a few times to see if she was improving.  She has improved greatly.  We hope, and pray, her improvement continues.  While waiting for meds, Tadesse and I were able to talk about me teaching kids in the neighborhood.  He agreed, readily, to help me.  I asked him to come Monday (1), at 3 (2), with 10 friends (3).

1.  He showed up today!!!  2.  He showed up at 3:30 (African 3:00, I guess).  3.  He showed up alone.  Well, he got 2/3 of the idea.  Not bad for communicating in two different languages without fluency.  He asked if he can bring friends next time, he has two he wants to bring.  YES!  So, we shall see what Wednesday brings.  I am definitely learning to be more flexible here.

Anyway, we sat for an hour and read Bible stories together out of a children’s Bible.  This wasn’t my plan since I expected a few students and I expected them not to have much English, but the Bible was sitting there, so that’s what we did.  He read, I explained things he didn’t understand (probably about 33%, like with my original request for him to come).  The first story we read was about snow and snowmen…ha!  Try explaining that to an Ethiopian.  We talked about God, Jesus and how we can pray to them.  He attends a local church and asked to come with me to mine.  I am looking forward to that day.

While I was reading with Tadesse, Chris was waiting at the airport for our third, and final, new team family to arrive.  To state that we have been busy over the last two weeks is laughable.  We have been insanely busy, but we are loving it.  Tomorrow brings a new round of house shopping, paperwork for two of the new families, Bible college course prep work for me and maybe a decision about whether or not my Bible college course will start Wed or Thurs–this depends on the moon, seriously.  I think we will have a day off on August 23.  I think, maybe.  But really, we are loving it.  I am so happy to be here.  It is not without challenges and struggles, but regularly, I just feel God’s presence as He continues to pour out His blessings over our life.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else.


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