I love my neighborhood.  I refuse to live here for 2 years and not get to know my neighbors.  Now that we have some Amharic skills, and I do mean just SOME, we are able to communicate a bit.  This is incredibly helpful.  Tonight, I was on my way to pay a friend’s guard (because she goes home every rainy season…lucky).  While I was heading off to meet him, one of the neighbor boys approached me about his sick mother.  Her leg is swollen and her knee has lost flexibility.  He asked me if I could drive her to the hospital in the morning.  Sure, but I also have a nurse that lives with me who can check on her first.  So, tomorrow morning, Tadesse is going to come get us at 9am so Chris can examine his mom and, if need be, we will drive her to the hospital.

Tadesse is a 14 year old boy.  He has some decent English skills.  I have asked for his help in selecting some neighbor kids to teach English to from our neighborhood.  My plan is to invite them into my home two afternoons a week.  It’s not that I think English is the end-all-be-all, but Ethiopians want their children to learn English.  Whenever possible, they send their kids to private schools where they are taught in English from kindergarten on up.  So, I see teaching English to these kids as a great outreach into our neighborhood/community.

Thanks to a great friend in the US, I have some teaching materials and more on the way.  God certainly does pair together those who are willing and called to go with those who are willing and called to give.  I’m excited to get started with this little English class and see where God takes it.  I hope that we can impact our neighborhood for Christ in a meaningful way and that our neighbors will see Jesus through the way that we choose to live.


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