Well, seeing as how our last two posts were so positive (uh…), I’ll keep this short and upbeat.

My health is finally back on track.  I had an amoeba and the treatment for that was horrid.  Just after completing it, I was in terrible pain again, so I went to the doctor and he confirmed I was passing a kidney stone.  Seriously.  He even said the timing was very unfortunate.  Now that all that has passed, my outlook on life is a whole lot better.  Whew!  Being sick for a month is very wearing, especially so far from home.

During all of that, we got the work permit and ALL of our residency papers.  We had one day left to spare on our visas, but it is done (until renewal time, but I’m not going to talk anymore about that for months).

Now we are so busy there’s hardly time to breathe, but we are NOT complaining about that.  It is a very welcomed change.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers.  Things are really looking up for the Meehan family and we are so relieved.


One response

  1. Betsy – SO GLAD to hear all this good news! All the world is colored when you are sick. We pray for you guys every morning!

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