Easter and this week

Typically, I send out our newsletter on the 1st of every other month.  If anyone is keeping track, one was due on April 1.  This week, however, we are in the throes of work permit paperwork and I am going to hold off on the newsletter at least until the end of the week just to see if we have something exciting to report.  Please pray that we do.  Yesterday, we tried to go to the first office we need to physically visit (lots of behind the scenes stuff has already been completed) and we hit a brick wall.  This afternoon, we will try again, armed with one more letter, in hopes that we get the first level of approval.  Tomorrow, we try the second step.  We are praying for speed and God’s favor and miracles here!

Easter was a great reminder of God’s love for us.  We had a tough Saturday, but it was wrapped up with our whole team coming to our house for an egg hunt for the kiddos.  All the kids (there are 6 little ones and 2 bigger ones on the field right now) had a great time.

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Sunday, we had another egg hunt for just our kids this time.  I filled plastic eggs with candy my mom sent–things we can’t find here, like jelly beans.  The kids had Easter baskets mostly like what they’d have back in the States.  They loved it all!

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We went to an international church, out for a quick lunch and then came home for a meal that was as traditional as I could make it with what I can find here.  It was a good day, but something was missing…family!  We knew that we would miss family most around the holidays, I just didn’t expect Easter to kick that off.  I figured it would come up around Thanksgiving and Christmas–the BIG family holidays.  But, we realize that missing family is just one sacrifice we make in this line of work.  And, we try to remain heavenly minded instead of earthly minded.  After all, Jesus didn’t come just to save us, He came to save our neighbors here, too.  Their idea of God is so far removed from who God actually is and we long for them to know the love of a Savior who so desperately loves them, too.  Easter was a great reminder of the sacrifice that God made for us and for our neighbors.  Lord, let us be a light that shines in Ethiopia, so brightly that those we come into contact with notice and want the same light in their lives..


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  1. Even though He never said “following Me and doing My will in My time would be a cinch” I’m glad you are able to find the positives where ever they reside no matter how big or waaay not :). Reaping the rewards of your sacrifices and journeys, perhaps in this life but so much more wonderfully in Heaven will come someday. The privilege you have at this time, where you are, doing such important work and being able to be with your husband and babies 🙂 difficult as it is, in many ways we observers could never comprehend. For this and as always I am very proud of you all!!! Love and prayers to you and all the lives you touch 🙂

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