March is lookin’ good!

Well, God answers prayers.  As my sister-in-law pointed out, often with a sense of humor, but I’ll take it anyway!  We asked people to pray that we would find a good family car to invest our missions $ in wisely.  That prayer still hasn’t been answered, but God has answered my desperate plea to find A car.  Our tax return was good.  We were hoping to buy a TV with it, it was better than that.  Chris and I decided that if we could find a decent car for a really low price, we’d just spend some of our own $ on that.  When we head back home, we can sell it (cars don’t really depreciate here) and will have that $ back anyway.  Once we find a good car for our missions $, we will have TWO cars.  For a family that was planning to have none, this is a HUGE blessing.  And, now we have time to wait for a good deal on the other car AND we have a way to go look at it.  Do you know how ridiculous you feel calling someone about seeing their car and then telling them you have no way to come see it?  Pretty ridiculous. 🙂

So, today we went and looked at a 1969 (that’s right, 10 years older than us) VW bug.  It is in great shape and I even drove it (just at the British Embassy, on their compound, but I drove IN ETHIOPIA!).  It runs well and it’s cute.  God’s sense of humor comes into play because it has flower decals all over it and pink, metallic floor mats.  If you have met me, you know that this is SOOOOO not me.  But, after 8 weeks, it is a car that runs, I would drive it if it were pink. 🙂

Here she is:


In other (probably more important) news…we have just learned that our paperwork is well under way.  We hope to have very important parts of it completed in a couple of weeks and NEXT WEEK we get to start visiting the sites where we will be working once the papers are completed.  There are a few things we can do to prepare and some volunteer things we can do while we wait.  We are super excited about that.

The boys are doing great in school.  We have parent/teacher conferences in a couple of weeks and now we have a way to get there!  Kayla has just started a local school.  She has begged us to go all year and she finally broke me down.  We found a local school, all Ethiopian children and all taught in Amharic, that is right around the corner and they had space for her.  She goes every day but Wednesday (my choice) and is doing so well.  In no time, she will be able to translate for us.  It is very strange not having her home during the day, but we have so much peace about this and she loves it so much.  We are grateful for this little school and for her joy.

Chris has been accepted in to a Masters Degree program for Nursing.  He will be able to do complete it distance while we are here.  We will be paying for this program personally, so we are really hoping for favorable FAFSA results.  Having a Masters Degree will guarantee us better results in applying for work permits in the future here if we continue to serve in missions.  So, it just makes sense that he would work on it now and not take up two years to work on it when we come home.  The program is designed for working students, so it will not have any negative impact on what God has called us to Ethiopia to do at all at this time.  It will just enhance opportunities in the future for our family–especially Chris.  We need prayers for good internet connections and for good financial aid results so that the program is affordable for us.

Our water has been very iffy lately–sometimes going off for days at a time.  We have a tank that provides water for about 3 days if we are very conservative, but it’s even dried up a couple of times (and very conservative means no laundry–at  the very least).  We have been asking people to pray for that and for the past few days, we have had water.  It could change at any time, but I am almost caught up with laundry and we’ve all gotten to shower today. 🙂

My mom sent two bags of fun and some needed things with a gal visiting from WI.  I had the opportunity to meet her out for dinner a couple of nights ago and the team she brought with her to do ministry in Addis.  There were also two seasoned missionary couples there.  It was great to see people from WI, felt like a little bit of home, and it was great to pick the brains of these other missionaries, too.  Somewhere in the packing, one of our bags from my mom was misplaced.  No one felt like it was lost, just very unsure of where in Ethiopia it might be.  I was sad.  It was fun stuff for my kids.  It was love from grandma and grandpa.  And, it was jelly beans for me.  Two days later, the bag was found AND it was within walking distance of my house.  I walked as fast as I could and now I have the bag.  The kids will have a very fun weekend playing with their water balloons and water guns (if we have water to spare) and the sidewalk chalk.  We are so grateful for people coming who are willing to sacrifice some packing space for us.  Next month, I have two whole suitcases being delivered to me.  One with some needs and one with food items that we just miss.

So, March is looking good.  We are all in good health.  We are more adjusted to life here than we were a couple of weeks ago.  Kayla has started school.  We have a car.  We will finally be able to start ministering on a greater scale in Ethiopia.  We are doing well!  Thank you for your prayers, keep them coming.  God is still answering.


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