Disney Trip

DSCN0516Everyone is thoroughly enjoying our trip to Florida/Disney.  We have one day left here before we head home to finish packing.  In one week we will set foot in Ethiopia, our new home.  Home is a funny word to our family these days.  Earlier today I told one of the boys we’d do something when we got home.  The follow up was, “Home here in Florida (we rented a house), home in Waupaca or home in Ethiopia?”.  Today, we are home in Florida, in two days we will be home in Waupaca, a few days after that we will be home in Ethiopia on the search for another new home that we can stay in for the rest of our time in Ethiopia.  I guess “Home is Where the Heart Is” is a saying we will have to hold on to tightly for a couple of months.

Prayers for safe travels and quick adjustments would be greatly appreciated.


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