We leave for the airport in just 19 days.  How did that happen?  And our days up until then are SO full.  No time to sit around and be bored, I guess.  Today was a snow day for the kids.  As much as I dislike snow, it did make me very happy that the boys got to play in it one last time before we abandon it for two full years.  I watched, from inside. 🙂  Now, here’s hoping there is no major snow storm Jan. 8/9!

DSCN0304[1]  DSCN0306[1] DSCN0307[1] DSCN0308[1]


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  1. Hello Chris, Betsy and family!
    We are from New Life in Oshkosh. Sending our greetings and letting you know that we are asking the Lord to put you on our hearts and minds often to pray for you all.
    Also, we are printing out your newsletter and will share it at missions prayer meeting at New Life so that we can pray for your corporately as well.
    Blessings to you!
    Charlie & Kim Danula (Craig & John’s parents..remember Bible quizzing? Leata was our coach “back in the day”…brings back memories!!!)

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