It is officially official.  Our file has been pulled for financial clearance!  Our budget has been raised and we are ready to book our airline tickets as soon as our visas show up.  We’re holding out hope that we might hear something tomorrow, but it’s probably more likely to be sometime next week.  Of course, any additional money that comes in will still help out with our transportation budget, so if you are still wanting to contribute in some way, our family would be ever so appreciative.

We are packing away.  My goal is to have all 10 totes/suitcases 100% packed by December 23.  After that, our lives get crazy and we have to focus on packing up our entire home, so I just want these DONE.  I tackled the two easiest totes so far and they are packed.  I need to add a few more items that I will purchase tomorrow and a few things from our kitchen that I’ll pack at the last minute, but everything will fit in them that we were hoping to take in the kitchen and toiletries/meds categories.  That’s a relief!  Our linens suitcase is next, but I’m waiting on a couple of cyber Monday purchases to come in the mail before that one can be all sealed up.  But, again, everything we were hoping to take will fit.  Thank goodness for Space Bags!  Watching the vacuum suck out all the extra air is really fun. 🙂

Clothing is going to be a bit tougher to pack.  For one, we’re still wearing a lot of the items we need to pack.  For another, we still have three growing family members and it’s tough to figure out how quickly they’ll grow and what sizes they might need.  I’m hoping to take on the challenge of the kids’ clothing totes next week.  Mine is mostly packed and Chris is responsible for his own (hope he knows about the Dec. 23 deadline!).  After that, there are just two left–one for holiday decor items and any future gifts we want to take with and one for books, games and toys.  I know we’re going to have to be really selective with that last one.  Books are heavy.  Games are bulky.  Toys for three kids for two years…aaaahhhhhh!  If anyone has a shrink ray gun they’d like to loan me, I’d be ever so appreciative.  Really, we’ve already learned to live with so much less that I know we’ll be able to make it all fit in our 10 containers, but I am overjoyed that the first three already have what we want in them and are closeable.  You never know until you actually pack them up and get the lid on.

Thanks for following our journey this far.  We are, hopefully, just 41 days away from boarding that plane.  Please keep praying that our visas come quickly.  We will DEFINITELY update this site once they arrive and we have our tickets in hand.  We’re excited and I know the next 41 days will just fly by.


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