Update and a prayer request…er, just a praise!

We’re getting closer and closer to our new 100%!  Just $1458 left to raise or $60/month in support.

If you’re getting to this link via facebook, you’re probably expecting some frustrating news.  Well, I have none to report.  I did, but then God answered our request before we even really made it (we just didn’t have the answer first!).  So, this post has been edited/rewritten to share that news instead.

Our visa paperwork has all been mailed on to the US Sec of State for certification.  After we sent it off, it had to be approved at one level before moving on and this will be the second level.  With any luck, they will approve it before Thanksgiving (guess you could pray for that!) and then it goes to the Ethiopian embassy–the last stop.   We are still really hoping to have our visas in hand by Nov. 30 so we can book our plane tickets.  I don’t know if that will still happen or not, but at least I know it’s out of my hands and there’s a lot of peace that comes with that.  There is literally nothing I could do from this point to make the process go any more smoothly or quickly.  So, we wait…


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