Not sure…

I don’t know how to frame this post.  We got super exciting news that we have surpassed 100% of our required budget by $163/month.  This is exciting, SUPER exciting.  Then, we received news that rent costs have gone up A LOT over the last year and our budget is no longer accurate.  So, we have to raise another $250/month, approximately (we’ll know the real number later this week).  So, we hit our goal, we exceeded our goal and now we have a new goal.  The really good news is that because we exceeded the first goal, we don’t have that much more to raise to get to the new goal.  The bad news is that I don’t get to shout from the rooftops that we’re at 100% just yet.  But, soon…

The thermometer on the right reflects the changes and we still hope to reach our goal by the end of this month so we can book our tickets.  Just $87/month or $2088 to go.  It’ll happen.  I guess the best news in this is that if anyone was holding out and still wanting to support us in some way, you get another chance. 🙂  Trying to find the silver lining.


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