In just 9 days, we’ve had $3830 come in through monthly pledges and cash gifts!  That’s almost 3% of our final 10%, which means we have just 7% overall left to raise. (I like numbers, in case you couldn’t guess that).  Just another $9490 (or $395 in monthly commitments) to go until we can purchase tickets!

We have 11 churches left to visit between now and Dec. 9.  Yes we are counting that down.  As fun as it’s been to visit all of these different churches and share our heart and vision with all of them, we are ready to get on with our journey and get started in Ethiopia.  By the time we leave, we will have visited over 70 churches and we will have put over 15,000 miles on our vehicle in just over a year.  I know that may not sound like that much to people who travel a lot, but that is JUST Sunday travel and doesn’t include any of the regular weekly driving or any fun trips we’ve taken.  On the plus side, our kids have gotten so good at tolerating long trips that the 20 hours of flying to Ethiopia doesn’t seem quite as daunting to me anymore!

Praying for the final $9490 to come in quickly.  We are ready to go (well, not literally, but we will be by the end of Dec.).  🙂


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