Great read

“To LIVE DEAD is to live life wholly for Jesus. To die to self, know God will do a greater work through you. To announce the life of God among those who are unreached. This journal, in 30 day meditations, examines character-based mission among those unengaged by the Gospel. Each day includes an informed way to pray for an unreached people in East Africa and a challenge to live and die for Jesus in order that He might be made famous among all peoples of Earth.”

I loved going through this book.  Ethiopia is mentioned several times–of the estimated 109 people groups there, 39 are unreached.  They are the reason we are going to Ethiopia.  Others are being called into much more difficult countries with even larger groups of unsaved and unreached people groups.  You can read about them in this book.  It is a great devotional book and it is FREE for the next three days.  Be careful though, it might just change your life.  Enjoy!

Get the Live Dead Journal HERE.



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