Itineration Highway

We have been itinerating (traveling to raise our budget) for about 8 months now. In those 8 months, we have put 7840 miles on our vehicles. That is slightly more than the 7500 miles that separate us from being in Ethiopia! Kayla has accompanied us on almost every single one of our 49 church/pastor/mission board meetings and she’s done great. The boys come along once in a while, but they’re happy to stay with grandma and grandpa whenever that’s possible.

This weekend was quite possibly the most poignant stop on our journey. We spoke at the church I grew up in and it was surreal to stand behind the same pulpit that I watched my dad preach from during my entire childhood. It somehow made this whole journey seem a little bit more real.

We still have many stops coming up and it looks like we won’t be leaving until closer to October, so hopefully we can add a few more to our calendar as well. What an interesting journey this has been. We’ve had many great adventures on our itineration highway and I’m sure there are many more to be had before we even get to Ethiopia where the real adventure will start.


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