We’re Home

The move was successful. We made it through the crazy weekend and we have been in our new home for three days/nights and it’s going very well. Thank you for all the prayers through this transition. Because this was our cottage before, the kids are all familiar with it and handling the transition without a single glitch. They’re even doing great all sleeping in the same room! It is a tiny place, so we are praying for constant good weather so that they can play outside a lot! We might as well enjoy the lake while we’re here, too. If you are visiting Spencer Lake at all and want to stop by, let me know. We’d love visitors.

Next stop: Pre-field Orientation in Springfield, MO. We’ll be leaving June 5 and won’t return home until June 24. We’re going to make a vacation out of it and visit friends and family on the way down and on the way home. For the most part, we are really looking forward to it. Please pray for safe travels and sanity as we spend over 30 hours in the car with our kiddos and put hundreds of miles on our van.

Our next update will most likely be Newsletter #5 in June.


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