Our stuff

If you have heard us preach our missions sermon, you have heard me talk about having too much stuff. When I say that we have too much stuff, I mean it. Well, I did mean it. We had too much stuff. This weekend we had a garage sale. There was an embarrassing amount of excess in my garage on display for the world to see. I can’t believe it all came out of my house and we still have enough to live comfortably for the next month while we wait to move. The garage sale was A LOT of work, but it was worth it. Cupboards, closets, shelves and dressers are cleaned out! We have thinned out books, toys, kitchen stuff and clothes and it feels good. Thinking about packing no longer seems so over whelming (we even have one box all ready to go). 🙂 In addition, we made a little over $1400 on our garage sale and some neighbor children (we have the best neighbors and we will miss them dearly) and my friend’s little girl (mentioned in earlier post) made sure we had baked goods to sell to raise money to purchase shoes for children in Ethiopia who don’t have them. They made $55 just this morning!

Tomorrow we are speaking at the church my grandmother attends. After having Easter Sunday off, it’s time to get right back into the swing of things. We have about 50% of our budget raised/committed. We have four months left to raise the last 50%. God is going to have to do something big to get us to Ethiopia by August, but His plan is always the best, so we are trusting that.


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