Pressing on & Exciting news

It seems as though God is really up to something HUGE in Ethiopia.  A few years ago, there were no US AG missionaries in Ethiopia.  Then, one couple was called.  Now, it looks as though we will have a full team of 4-5 couples when we go later this year.  That is GOOD news and we’re super excited about this and the plans that God has for all of us and those we come into contact with while in Ethiopia.

As for fundraising…we are pressing on.  We only have two free Sundays from now until the end of July, so that is great!  Our free Sundays are Easter and Mother’s Day, so I’m pretty sure we won’t book those.  We are now working on setting up mid-week meetings with pastors/missions boards, Sunday evening or Wednesday evening services.  So far, we’ve had great luck scheduling these and we are right on track with out budget.  3.5 months/10 months done with itineration, 35% of our budget raised.  We are blessed and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting such great people on this journey.

Keep on praying for more workers to be called to the fields–God is answering…for our budget to continue to come in…for health and safe travels (we’ve been REALLY blessed here so far this year!).


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