It’s coming together

Things are really coming together for our move to Ethiopia.  Our job descriptions are more clear than they have been in the past.  We are both super excited about what we will be doing in Ethiopia.  We have made a clear decision about our kids’ schooling that we are both happy with.  According to my math, we’re at about 14% of our budget, which isn’t real high, but considering we’re only a month into the process and haven’t asked any friends or family to support us yet, I’d say we’re doing pretty well.  I am encouraged by that number, anyway.

In speaking with another missionary, I mentioned how quickly we’ve been able to schedule Sunday services.  She commented that God must really want us in Ethiopia!  We believe that He does and He is working in a mighty way to get us there. We are still hoping and praying for August, 2012.  There is still a lot to do, but I’m not worried.  God is in control.

We are grateful for every ounce of support that comes in–both financial and through prayer.  Over the past few Sundays, we have had some great experiences meeting many fellow believers who have a heart for missions.  We have heard stories of their service in other parts of the world.  We have had many pray for us and with us.  This is such an uplifting time for us.  We feel very blessed.

10 months (hopefully) to go!


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