Itineration is the fancy name for our fund raising.  Missionaries have to itinerate to raise their budget before they can go overseas.  We are itinerating now and will be until our budget is raised.  As missionary associates, we do have to keep working full-time while raising our budget, but so far, this hasn’t hindered us at all.

Chris and I do a lot of “cold calling” to different pastors throughout the week.  I don’t know why, but we’re always surprised when they’re so nice and inviting.  They are pastors, after all, we should probably just expect that most of them will be nice and want to hear about what we’re doing.  We’ve had a few great phone conversations with pastors and it’s always good to be able to share our passion with them for missions in Ethiopia and to hear about what their church is doing in missions.

Over the next 6 weeks, Chris and I will be preaching 6 times, sharing our vision with 2 churches and one small group, speaking with one youth group and meeting with one pastor over coffee.  This makes 10 stops, in all, in 6 weeks and it picks right back up after Christmas.  We are loving it!

Prayer requests:

*That God would bless our efforts and that we would continue to schedule services at this rate

*For safe travels

*That we would continue to be encouraged as we itinerate



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