The Providence of God

I think that the providence of God is such an interesting topic.  When Chris and I visit churches to itinerate and we are asked to preach, I talk quite a bit about the providence of God and how it has led us to this point in our lives.  I was reminded that one year ago today, we woke up in Addis Ababa for the first time.  I decided to go back and read through some old blog entries of mine to be reminded of that time.  I found the following post (written Oct. 19, 2010) to be very interesting…

***I have never been to Africa. I have always wanted to go. I have been to many other places and experienced many wonderful and heart breaking things, but never in Africa. I am expecting this experience to be one that I cannot put into words. My heart already longs for a country I have never visited and it’s not just because my little girl is there. I read stories of other adoptive parents who have visited this country and have seen their photos and I am excited to take in this new country–the sounds, the culture and the people (not so much the smells probably). Chris and I have a strong desire to go into foreign missions in the coming years and the further we get into this process, the more I feel a tugging on my heart towards Africa. I don’t know what the long-term future holds for us, but I do know that this girl is excited to see what she’s been missin’ all these years. My heart is ready for this experience–both Africa and my girl.***

The providence of God is, indeed, very interesting.  Most of the time, I believe that He guides silently and unnoticed, but there are a few key points in my life where I know He has directed my path.  One year ago, I had an inkling that His plan for leading us to Ethiopia was greater than just our adoption, but I didn’t truly know just how big His plan was.  With any luck, one year from today, we will be waking up in Addis Ababa again, preparing to do ministry!




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