First Church service

We had a great weekend.  We visited the first church that was on our itineration (fundraising) calendar.  Saturday evening they had a potluck and a q&a session with their members.  We joined two other foreign missionaries, one US missionary and one church planter.  I found myself in awe of the others sitting at the table with us–they have so much more experience than we do and were very eloquent in their presentations.  We did well enough and were received so graciously by the AG church in Alma Center.  This morning, we attended their worship service and briefly stated where we were going and why.  We took Kayla along and dressed in our traditional Ethiopian clothing.  It was great.  I can’t imagine a better way to start this part of our journey.  We feel so blessed by this congregation and their hospitality and kindness.  They were so welcoming and thoughtful.  Thank you, Alma Center, for the incredibly warm welcome and fantastic kick start to our journey!


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